Não há duvidas quanto a integridade da escola junto ao mercado Internacional. A PEA é nome forte.


Localizada na Flórida, permite visitas de familiares e/ou retornos ao Brasil rapidamente.


Tempo bom ao longo do ano para operações aéreas.


Tanto para treinamento aéreo bem como turístico.
O aeroporto internacional de Daytona está localizado em proximidade a outros excelentes aeroportos de apoio para treinamento auxiliar. Tanto para aproximação visual como para navegação.
A cidade também se aplica à regra. Completa como centro estudantil, Daytona traz divertimento característico e litorâneo bem como escapadas as cidades turísticas como Orlando e Jacksoville.


Temos alunos voando em todo mundo. No Brasil, os alunos Phoenix East voam na TAM, GOL, Azul, Passaredo e na aviação executiva, por mérito próprio, sem nenhum tipo de acordo comercial.

Também temos vários checadores formados pela Phoenix. Ganhamos como o melhor time estrangeiro em 2006. Parabéns aos Brasileiros dedicados.

Alguns deles, abaixo habilitados pela Phoenix IFR, CP, CFI, CFII, Glass Cockpit, voando B737,B767, A320, A330, E195, E145 entre outros cito:

Andre Martinelli , Thiago Tarifa , Milton Natali , Tiago Nadal , Hans Peter , Caio Petreque , Flavio Varandas , Boaz Martins , Guilherme Puglia , Igor Mei , Luis Felipe , Ricardo Otero, Daniel Nogueira e Flavio Nunes

Faça parte deste grupo. Invista em você. Seja bem vindo.

25 Reasons to Choose Phoenix East Aviation as Your Flight School


Selecting the best flight school to train for a career as a professional pilot is not an easy decision. Here are 25 reasons why graduates think Phoenix East Aviation is an excellent choice:


  1. Phoenix East has been training candidates for airlines worldwide since 1972.

    It is our only business and we have an excellent reputation in both the U.S. and international aviation community for high quality instruction. Our graduates are first officers and captains for airlines throughout the world.

  2. Phoenix East is one of only seven accredited flight schools in the U.S.

    Accredited schools are financially sound and do not go out of business overnight. The rigorous accreditation process assures this. Furthermore, we maintain high standards for flight safety and aircraft maintenance, as well as in our policies and procedures. As a testament to this educational and operational quality, our accreditation was recently renewed for five years, the longest allowable period of time.

  3. Phoenix East is approved under both FAA F.A.R. Part 61 and Part 141.

    Many flight schools are only Part 61. Part 141 consists of a more rigorous and highly structured program. A flight school can only have a FAR Part 141 designation if the school's training syllabus is approved by the FAA. All training is documented and maintained to FAA standards.

  4. A new ground school starts every four weeks.

    You can actually start your flight training at any time. Upon enrollment, a flight instructor is assigned to you, and you can start flying immediately, even before your first ground school session. You will begin learning to be a good pilot as soon as your arrive.

  5. Phoenix East flies every day between 07.00am and midnight.

    This allows you great flexibility and, more importantly, an opportunity to proceed with your training faster than at many other schools. You don't need to wait to get on the flight schedule.

  6. Phoenix East lets the student and the flight instructor do their own scheduling

    Many schools do the scheduling for the student; you will not find out when you will be flying again until a day in advance. With us you have great flexibility because you can largely determine your own schedule.

  7. We have great Florida flying weather.

    The climate in Daytona Beach allows for year-round flying time. We typically fly 350 days a year. Why go somewhere where weather will play a major role in the length of your training, prolonging your training and increasing your costs and living expenses?

  8. Phoenix East hires graduates as flight instructors.

    We are very confident in the quality of our training and therefore hire PEA qualified graduates as flight instructors. This is very important because it is the best and least costly way for you to gain more flight hours in order to apply for a job as a commercial pilot.

  9. Phoenix East has a payment plan and you do not have to pay everything upfront!

    We understand that pilot training is costly. We therefore have a payment plan to make it easier for you. Many schools require full payment up-front. We do not.

  10. Phoenix East has a mandatory refund policy.

    We get phone calls from students from other schools who want to switch to PEA, but find out that the school they are attending does not have a refund policy. They cannot get their money back. We do not think this is fair to students.

  11. Phoenix East will customize a program to meet your requirements.

    We do not have a rigid approach to flight training and can therefore develop a flight training program to fit your needs. In addition, our admissions officers are skilled in helping you decide what program best meets your career plans.

  12. Phoenix East has customized programs for various countries.

    Our customized programs meet all the requirements for your specific country. You will be trained to the high standards and FAA requirements; however, if your country requires additional training, we will make sure you receive it.

  13. Phoenix East has formal authorization from the U.S. government for both M1 and F1 visas.

    Very few flight schools in the U.S. are allowed the F1 visa. The F1 visa allows international students to work as a paid flight instructor after finishing their professional program.

  14. We have a large single and multi-engine training fleet.

    Our fleet consists of the very best training aircraft built. We have the single-engine Cessna C-172SP's (with and without glass cockpits) and Piper Arrows. We have the multi-engine Piper Senecas and the new Diamond DA-42's, plus the Super Decathlon 8-KCAB for upset recovery training.

  15. Phoenix East flies only new and late model training aircraft.

    Why is this important? Older aircraft require more maintenance and are subsequently "down" for repairs more often -- and not available for you to fly – compared to newer aircraft. Our aircrafts are newer and our maintenance so excellent that we rarely have to cancel training flights due to maintenance issues. This is not the case at many other flight schools, as you may have heard. 

  16. Phoenix East regularly adds new – and more -- training aircraft to the fleet.

    We now have an order for 10 new Cessna C-162 Sky Catchers for our training fleet (a brand new Cessna model), plus two Cessna Citation Mustangs jets (Cessna's newest model jet). This is in addition to the two additional new Cessna C-172SP aircraft just received.

  17. Phoenix East has flight simulators to enhance your training.

    We have single-engine, multi-engine, and glass cockpit simulators. Sometimes flight schools advertise that they do not have any simulator training, but provide only actual flight time. That might sound great, but the reality is that simulator training actually saves you time and money – and provides extra experience in emergency training.

  18. We have our own FAA certified examiners.

    We do not need to schedule outside examiners and wait to schedule a flight check, because the PEA staff includes instructors who are FAA certified flight examiners. This is much more efficient and faster for you. 

  19. Phoenix East has special FAA approval to teach the Commercial Course in only 50 hours.

    This is just another of the many ways PEA saves you time and money during your training.

  20. We have agreements with various U.S. regional airlines for interviews!

    No flight school can guarantee you a job with an airline because hiring depends on the need of the airline at that particular time. However, we have guaranteed interviews for our qualified students. Why do airlines do this? It's simply because they recognize the quality of our training and how well our graduates are prepared.

  21. Phoenix East works with various banks that offer student loans.

    Many students find they need a student loan for flight training. We work with various U.S. banks to make this process easier for students. 

  22. Phoenix East is known for superb flight instructors.

    Our flight instructors come from countries throughout the world and are all U.S.-trained to high FAA standards. Our goal is not for you to just pass your flight exam; it is to train you to become an excellent and safe pilot. Our flight instructors train you without cutting corners or lowering any standards. Safety and excellence are our focus in your training.

  23. We offer tutoring to you at no additional cost.

    Many students need some additional help, especially in the beginning. We offer that at no extra cost. In addition to free tutoring, a computer lab, which includes DVD and simulator training, is available to you.

  24. Phoenix East offers a complete tour of the school. We encourage you to talk with students and flight instructors.

    Some schools try to restrict you and do not allow you to speak independently with students or flight instructors. At Phoenix East we encourage you to walk around and talk to students and instructors freely. Not only do we have nothing to hide, but we find our students and instructors to be the best ambassadors of our excellent training programs.

  25. At Phoenix East you are treated with respect.

    Last but not least, you are the most important person in our academy, because your success is our success. Our students are treated with respect at all times.

Experimente este tipo de instrução. Sua carreira vai agradecer.

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